About Me

My name is Steve.  I am a father of two.  Husband to a great wife.  I started this blog when I first moved to North Carolina from Michigan.  I basically lived all my life in Michigan.  I did live a few years in Missouri and Minnesota but I was really young.  I grew up in a middle class neighborhood and had a great childhood.  Long story short, the economy collapsed, my parents divorced and I had to find a job quickly.  So I moved to rural Eastern North Carolina.  it was a tough decision and it was very difficult to transition to.  Luckily after 3 years I met my love of my life, moved up to Virginia Beach and enjoy every minute of it.

In September of 2013 I decided I needed to change my lifestyle.  I decided I needed to lose weight.  I had tried Weight Watchers before but I really never applied myself.  This time I was determined.  I was very sluggish, unhealthy and very unhappy with myself.  Plus my wife was due with our child, our fist together.  I didn't want to be that dad who couldn't enjoy spending time with their kids because they were so fat.

I decided to starting journaling my journey to remind myself what I am doing.  So I dusted off my depressed blog about life and decided to delete and restart.  I try to get on here and write a blog once a week about my life, my struggles and whatever else comes my way.

So here it is.

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  1. Glad to have found your blog..and learn more about who/what drives you! Hope you have a great 2018 Season and look forward to the road ahead...Keep up the journaling :-)