Monday, November 24, 2014

100 pounds

This weekend was a bit crazy.  A lot of stuff is going on personally but a lot of things are going on with the family.  It is that time of year.  But the best thing happened.  After 14 months of hard work and making healthier decisions, I finally hit the century mark for weight  loss.  I LOST 100 POUNDS.  Actually, I have lost 103.  Its crazy, the last few weeks have been pretty stressful leading up to this.  It's just a huge number.  It's a significant marker in life.

It has been a whirlwind weekend.  A lot of ups and downs.  We had our unveiling of our Christmas lights Saturday.  We had some friends and family over.  We also decorated the inside yesterday before our big hunting trip.

I don't really have another Weight Watchers goal.  Which scares the hell out of me but I know I am in a happy place.  I just need to pick a new one.

I never thought I would be in the 220's again.  But I am very happy.

Monday, November 17, 2014

0.8 pounds

Saturday i weighed in for the first time wondering if I was really going to realize my goal weight loss of one hundred pounds.  I needed 3.2 to lose.  The week before I had lost that amount so I knew it was possible.  I also did really good during the week even with all the stress.  I was really hoping I would hit it.  My goal was to get the one hundred pound weight loss before thanksgiving.  It was key to my success because I wouldn't be weighing in for a few more weeks due to hunting.

I lost 2.4 pounds and I am 0.8 away from hitting 100 POUNDS.  As much as 2.4 is a great week and I shouldn't be complaining, I was pissed.  But I knew it was fine.  I was going to have another great week and hit this Saturday.  It's crazy, it's been 1 year, 1 month and 25 days since I started this weight loss journey.  I am basically at a weight where I haven't been other than when I was in prime Lacrosse shape in High School.  It's the only time I have been this low as an adult.

As annoyed as i was, I am still proud of myself.  I keep killing it week after week and it hasn't let up.  I do work hard at it.  More than most people do.  As I have mentioned before, I work out hard and eat healthy.  it is the simplest method to losing weight.  Weight Watchers has also taught me to be honest with myself and be honest about what you eat. I track everyday.  I think it's funny when people don't.  it is so simple with the WW app.  And they actually remind you to everyday and congratulate you if you do it.  I can't remember when was the last time I had either of those reminders.  But I do know I remind myself everyday that I don't want to go back to what I was because I look at the pictures of my wedding day or any other picture and I am so thankful I am here.

So, today, my motivation is the next 0.8.  It isn't a lot but it is all I need to be proud of myself.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Light It Up Blue Moon Harbor Lights Course Preview Run

So Sunday was the preview run for the new half marathon in Hampton Roads sponsored by J & A.  I really wanted to do this race in a few weeks but it just doesn't fit in my schedule due to family obligations, the holidays and hunting.  But family is more important than running a race.  One of my fellow ambassadors is a pacer for the half and he asked me to run the preview run with him.  It was a lot of un.  The Running Etc. Ambassadors were asked to be pacers for the race.  I wanted to do that but I wasn't sure how I would feel about doing it after my first half.  So I met up with Randy yesterday and it was fun to see all the ambassadors with our new singlets on.  They look great.  Pretty cool to know we have a custom singlet that is based of off Nike's Oregon singlets.

For the preview run, I followed Randy Cook and we paced at about 10:16.  Good enough for me.  We talked the whole way and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.  He is a local running legend in these parts.  he was one of the best runners back in the day around Hampton Roads.  he is also a history buff who lives in Norfolk which made the run even more fun.  It was fun having conversation most the run.  It was also nice to run in new territory in and around downtown Norfolk.  Really cool city, nice area, and a lot of history.

I am glad he forced me to come out and run with him.  I had some physical issues after the race but I will make sure I take care of that next time.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Running Gear 2014

So I was thinking of doing this post for a while.  I remember starting this thing called "jogging (I think the J is silent)" in January.  At that time I had just dropped below the 300 pound mark and I knew I needed the next step in exercise to get me where I wanted to be.  (It worked.  Almost 100 pounds down now).  I always had running shoes because that's what I used when I worked out.  I had a pair of worn out Brooks Beasts from 2013.  Even though my dad was a runner my whole life and he repeatedly reminded me to never run in worn out shoes and to buy the right shoes, I started with a pair of worn out shoes.  The last time I had had my gait checked was at Hanson's Running Shop in Michigan, probably in 2005.  I had gain a ton of weight since then and my body had changed a ton due to age.  I just decided to run.  I started running one lap around my local spot.  It was 1.7 miles.  I wanted to do the Shamrock 8k in March (I was scared shitless to run that far and I kicked ass).  I learned right before that race my shoes were way too worn out and I needed different ones.  I ordered new Brooks Beasts because thats what I knew.  Came to find out after finally checking out the local running store that the Beasts were the wrong shoes for my feet.  LOL.  Anyways.  So I started running with just whatever I had.  I used my baseball dad pullovers and my old running socks from long ago.  Now, almost a year into running, I have a whole selection of running gear.  Things I made fun of people for.  Some I had no clue about.  I took a picture of the most important things I use on a regular basis.  This does not include my Compression Socks.  Which are AMAZING.  Best running invention ever.  So here it goes.

Shoes: Brooks Glycerin 12 12 EE  - I have always loved Brooks but this are like giant magic clouds.

Head Phones: Motorola S11 Headphones - Greatest invention ever.  Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.  Water resistance.  Not perfect sound quality.  But the usefulness and quality outweighs the little minute sound complaints from hardcore music lovers.  But who expects perfection in sports headphones.

Visor: Running Etc. Head Sweats Visor - Man.  From 2003 to 2014, the running equipment technology has drastically improved.  This visor was a godsend during the summer in the South.  I hate running hats and visors.  But with this, I am not only repping my local running store (I am an ambassador) but this brand makes awesome products.  I love the bright yellow with reflective materials.  I have learned running in a rural area that the brightest colors and most reflective materials are very helpful from oncoming vehicles.

Running Belt: Amphipod running belt.  This also saved my ass for those long summer runs in the South.  Also purchased at Running Etc.

Foam Roller: Trigger Point Foam Roller - Enough said.  this thing is amazing.  Best purchase ever.  Use it daily or at least try to.  Every runner should have this.  Don't need to explain where I got it.

Arm Phone Case:  I am not a big fan of buying a $300 watch for my running.  I would like one but it is not a top priority.  Since I have unlimited data with Verizon still, I will stick to my phone as my go to music player and running app. I found this arm band on Amazon and there is no need to tell you which one because there are about one trillion arm bands out there for phones.  They are inexpensive.  So buy one and try it out.

Race Belt: J & A, the local big race company sells an awesome race belt that you can put your race bib on without pins.  It's great.  it is cheap and it is perfect for what you need.  Very minimalist.  You can order it here.  Race belt

Safety Lights: So I went to the local running store last week because I needed some kind of lighting to help me while I run on the back roads.  Since the time change, It is very dark at night.  So I purchased these.  DuraVisionPro Safety lights are amazing.  They have 2500+ feet visibility.  I have used them twice now and love them.

Things I forgot to take pictures of:
Running shorts - Nike Running.
Running shirts - Running Etc Brooks long sleeve
Running outside layer - Target Brand Running gear
Running Socks - Compression Socks.  get with it.  It's the greatest technology.

Thoughts: As I was typing this, I thought about how important it is for your community to buy local.  Shop local.  My running store is Great.  If you go to the Running Etc. Virginia Beach store, ask for Drew.  The kid is awesome and helpful.  I learned from my dad that the local running store is the key and champion for runners and races in your area.  Buy local.  These stores not only can help you, but they support the community, your local schools and many other things.  Plus the employees eat, sleep and live in your area.

As I keep running and start training for a full marathon, I will re-do this next year.