Monday, November 10, 2014

The Light It Up Blue Moon Harbor Lights Course Preview Run

So Sunday was the preview run for the new half marathon in Hampton Roads sponsored by J & A.  I really wanted to do this race in a few weeks but it just doesn't fit in my schedule due to family obligations, the holidays and hunting.  But family is more important than running a race.  One of my fellow ambassadors is a pacer for the half and he asked me to run the preview run with him.  It was a lot of un.  The Running Etc. Ambassadors were asked to be pacers for the race.  I wanted to do that but I wasn't sure how I would feel about doing it after my first half.  So I met up with Randy yesterday and it was fun to see all the ambassadors with our new singlets on.  They look great.  Pretty cool to know we have a custom singlet that is based of off Nike's Oregon singlets.

For the preview run, I followed Randy Cook and we paced at about 10:16.  Good enough for me.  We talked the whole way and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.  He is a local running legend in these parts.  he was one of the best runners back in the day around Hampton Roads.  he is also a history buff who lives in Norfolk which made the run even more fun.  It was fun having conversation most the run.  It was also nice to run in new territory in and around downtown Norfolk.  Really cool city, nice area, and a lot of history.

I am glad he forced me to come out and run with him.  I had some physical issues after the race but I will make sure I take care of that next time.

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