Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donate to the Access College Foundation = SHAVING THE #SPEEDSTACHE

So I have decided that I am going to help a friend fundraise for a good cause.  

By doing this, I am doing two things: 1. Making my wife happy and 2. helping raise funds for a good cause.  

If you don't know Megan Overbey, you should. She is an amazing person and not only is fundraising for this good cause but also works for it. She is raising funds for the Access College Foundation which helps students with all the costs getting into college and what not. It is also one of the official charities for J&A Racing's Shamrock Weekend.

So back to the #1 reason I am doing this. So last weekend, while running a friend asked, "when are you going to shave that hideous thing?" and I responded, "What thing". She said, "your creeper stache". As I thought about, I said hey, if people really want me to shave it, how about I ask people to donate some money to a good cause and they can help me shave it after the race on Shamrock Weekend. And by doing this, my wife, Lori, will be thrilled it's gone.

So here is the deal. You donate any amount you want to this great cause via this link: Megan's Access Fundraiser and you get to help shave my #speedstache or watch on March 20, 2016 (after I finish my marathon). Your choice. My goal is to help her raise at least an extra $100. I would like more but anything helps her program.  

Just think, you can help raise money to help get kids off to college and also make my house a happy place in one swipe of the card.

So Please, think about helping and no more #speedstache.

Thank you,


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