Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crawlin Crab Highlights 2016

Crawlin Crab is my run-versary.  2 Years ago I embarked on a journey I never thought would bring me where I am today.

Two years later and I have a giant group of amazing friends, running friends, and family.  Being an ambassador for Running Etc. and being a Pacer for J&A Training Team has allowed me to be part of the Hampton Roads Community.  And our community is the best.

Crawlin Crab would be the only half I am doing this fall.  This race was also very important to me because of its meaning in my past and because of my friends. There were a lot of big moments that really reminded me why I love running.

Here's a few of the highlights..........

Karen, my tempo running partner and friend, kicked cancers ass this weekend.  About two months ago we were running and she wasn't feeling right.  She instantly went to the doctors and found out she had lymphoma (short version).  But instead of wallowing in pity, Karen decided to kick some ass. Right now she is on her 3rd round of chemo and she still decided to run a half marathon.  If you want to watch or meet someone who has handled this gracefully and positively, shes the one.  I am actually kind of scared when she comes back.

I ran because I could Sunday.  I ran for Karen. And Karen ran for herself.  And she kicked ass. Luckily, she had an awesome race partner in Kristy who supplied Orange Crushes via Christian on bike support.  You know you have a good set of friends with you when they supply Orange Crushes during a race (Am I right ELO?)

Then there is this fierce lady I know Tina Babcock.  A lot of people on our team didn't know Tina ran her first half this weekend.  Oh yeah, I forgot, she also has MS  and her speech at our Training Team's Running Reflections night was amazingly inspiring.  It was awesome watching her finish. She is one of those people who just supports everyone with positive energy and love.

I also wanted to talk about my favorite lady from Wales, Leonora.  Leonora is on her second training team with us.  She trained her ass off last winter and the season ended with her missing Shamrock because of her father's passing.  She trained for 16 weeks and didn't even get to celebrate it with her teammates or for herself.  Instead she turned it around and has worked her ass again and finally finished her first half at Crawlin Crab.  She did phenomenal too.  This was a well deserved weekend for her.  On top of all this, she found out this past year she has Lupus.  She also doesn't dwell on the bad parts but instead she decided to be an amazing example of positive energy.

Next is Allison.  She finished her first half this weekend also.  She is one of those people when you hang out with them they are just always upbeat, positive and just all around awesome.  I don't need to say too much because she just destroyed her race and is basically the most awesomist (that's a word) person ever.

Lynn Dove, my favorite neighbor.  Lynn is a good friend of Lori and I's.  She lives down her in Georgia (Pungo).  Lynn is also part of the amazing group in our community called the Running Turtles.  She and the Running Turtles represent the true meaning of what a running community is about.  They are always smiling, always fun, and always kicking ass.  Why I want to bring her up is because she was the 1775 out of 1775 finishers.  I am only posting this because she is very inspirational.  She's always positive and always a lot of fun.  I was pretty excited seeing her coming in at the finish so I actually gave her my beer.  Which was great for the finisher's photo but not for security (sorry Jerry and Amy).  She is always #1 in my book.

What about Elisabeth too.  She has trained for the 3rd time with #teamawesome and the first two times she got injured.  Crawlin Crab was basically her coming out party for races.  I couldn't of been more excited than watching her come across that finish line healthy!

Man, I can't forget Rachel.  Who Freaking ran 6 months pregnant.  She took care of herself and baby Steven James very well I might add.  But kudos to Rachel for kicking some pavement.  She has an awesome attitude while running and really inspires the rest of the team.

If I missed a highlight I am sorry.   These are just some of the stories from this weekend.  I can't even wrap my brain around them all. Honestly, there are so many that I can't even name them all.  From Rebecca Denny running with me at the finish to other teammates who held the rope the whole race for our group.  Also have to give shout outs to all the teammates who cheered us on (Thanks Boo).

And also mad props to our coaches, Ryan and Josh.  Amazing coaches and even better friends and human beings.

One race down and a few more to go.  Looking forward to Wicked, Harbor Lights and Surf and Santa.

So proud of #trainjanda and #teamawesome

PS- mad props to my #runninghoez Amy for PR-ing.

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