Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Runner's World: How Running Changed Me

Yesterday I was working like any other day.  During my lunch I hopped on over to the few websites I usually check during my lunch, ESPN, Blogs, Runner's World, etc.  While I click on Runner's World, which I so enjoy to do on Mondays to see what magic or great stories come up, and behold I am on the front of the website.  Me and my old fat self posing together like two different people.  I am runner community famous now.  Which I think is enough for me.  When I started this journey I never thought I would really get to the point where I am happy with myself, let alone be on the front of the Runner's World Website.  But I am and I am proud of it.  Right this second I am a bit overwhelmed with everything.  I mean 1.4 million people follow the magazine just on Facebook itself.  There I am with my big belly sticking out at my max weight right before I started Weight Watchers.  But there is also the new me, holding my daughter, and very healthy.  I have to remind myself that.

When I filled out my questionnaire a while ago, I never thought I would get a response.  A few weeks ago the author at Runner's World, Jen Van Allen, emailed me and asked me a bunch more questions.  She mentioned to me I would be in the book that it was all part of.  I didn't expect to be on the cover of their website.  I was just excited to be in the book (hopefully less readers than social media and the website).

Article - Runner's World
Here are a few things I want to remind people when they read it.  I did this for me, my kids and my wife.  Nobody else.  I enjoy being healthy.  I enjoy running.  I am not perfect.  Nor will I ever be.  But that is not the point of self improvement.  I try to be a better person each and every day.

Also, be your own inspiration.  I love reading other people's stories more than my own.  In fact, I hate mine.  I would prefer to talk about everyone else.  It's sort of funny because I wanted to spend the whole interview talking about how awesome the people I was pacing with the training team.  They are the ones who inspire me.

On top of this crazy day, I was scrolling through the #shamrock Facebook page and I found this wonderful photo of myself in some wonderful attire.  I must say, I look good in tights.

Shamrock Facebook Page

I wouldn't be able to do any of this without amazing people around me.  This includes my wife, Lori, My kids, and the rest of our family.  It also includes our awesome local running store, Running Etc.J&A Racing Training Team, and the lovely people I got to run with each and every Saturday for the past 4 months, #TEAMAWESOME.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I need to stop doing crazy things.

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