Sunday, March 1, 2015

12 Miler and the Stomach Bug

So do you know what a 12 mile run does to your body?  Do you know what it does to your body when you get a stomach virus right after?  Well, this guy can tell you.  Man, this weekend went from crazy awesome to crazy bad. Friday I had the monster all day.  She had thrown up and we didn't think nothing of it.  We did some shopping, had lunch, and headed home.  Saturday morning we had our #trainjanda #shamrockon15 big event.  The training team opened the run to the public.  It was a lot of fun.  My group kicked butt except an injury of one of #teamawesome on her way to the run.  She slipped on ice and got hurt.  Get better Jackie.  Anyways.  The run was awesome.  The party after was great.  Then.......

All hell broke lose.  I went to get new tires on my car.  When I was there, I instantly needed to throw up.  Which an Auto Shop is not the cleanest places to throw up in.  Anyways.  It sucked.  The fast version of this story is that when you run 12 miles and then get a stomach bug, you get really really dehydrated.  To the point where your body cramps up and you start to slur words.  I can say this.  I was pretty scared.  I knew I was just super dehydrated but I did not like feeling like I had to control over my body.  My hands cramped up and I couldn't open them up.  I was mumbling because I couldn't move my mouth.  Thank god for a combination of Gatorade and Ginger Ale and a ton of water.  You know your body isn't working right when you don't pee for 24 hours.  Anyways.  Moral of the story is that it really sucked donkey balls.  But thank god for friends.

I can now officially say I am a parent.  I have received the gift of love from my daughter.  Here's some pre-death pictures.

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