Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wedding Anniversary, Weight Watchers Anniversary, Big Boy Speed Work, and All That Jazz

Yesterday was Lori and myself's 3 year anniversary.  We were just talking about how it felt so long ago when we got married.  But we were two totally different people.  We are older, wiser, healthier.  We also have a busy life with a teenager and 16 month old.  We told ourselves that we need to take time out for each other so we decided to go to Ocracoke.  We both love the island, specifically, Ocracoke Coffee.  Anyways, we only went for one night but we had a blast.  We had amazing food, drinks, explored the island, coffee, bike rides, and no baby monitor.  We still seemed to wake up at 6:30.  But we really enjoyed bringing our bikes.  The island is a really bikeable place.  It is funny to think three years ago I was two fat to want to bike around the island.  This time, I wanted to even after running 18 miles.  But ocracoke was great.  We enjoyed every second of it and it was much needed us time.

September 21 is my Weight Watchers anniversary.  I weighed in for the first time truly committed to losing weight two years ago.  I weighed in at 330 pounds.  I remember when I used to lie to myself and pretend I wasn't over 300.  I would tell people I was 290.  But I stuck to the system, integrated exercise and here I am.  I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I have been under 200 pounds for several months and I enjoy life much more.  It feels great to know I have accomplished it.  The hardest part is knowing I have to maintain and I don't have to lose anymore.  it is a much harder mental game.  But I am proud of where I am.

Let me tell you this, I just started doing speed work this summer for my full marathon training.  Since the beginning until now it all has been tough.  But it is a good tough.  Since long distance running is such a singular movement it is good to me moving differently with speed work.  Some people don't like but I do.  It reminds me of two-a-days in high school football.  I like the feeling of maxing out your cardio system and the feeling of extreme exhaustion.  But it has got a bit easier as each week has gone by even as we added more distance to it each week.  This week was the big boy.  For elite runners, they do crazy things like 3x5ks.  But for normal runners like myself, the big boy run is 3x 2 milers.  6 miles of fast pace speed work.  For some, their max speed isn't that much faster but for me, mine is pretty quick (sub 7 minute miles).  Man was it tough.  The winds were howling too with 20 mph winds on the back mile (you can see it in my pace).  No excuses though.  I did really well and I only missed the last one by a second so I was pretty happy.  I am also happy that it is done.

Monday I had off and it was nice.  I got to enjoy the day with Avery.  She is growing so fast.  I am very fortunate I get one day off every two weeks to enjoy with her.  I am really fortunate for everything I have actually.

So, on to the next one.  PS- I also went to yoga.

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