Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Recap: My Bling

As we finished out our last big race of the year with #surfandsanta15 I was thinking about how amazing 2015 was and still is.

I saw a lot of people post all their bling from the year and I just wanted to show some of mine off too. All these people are my bling.  My best bling I earned this year are the friendships I made with some amazing people.  So here it goes.........

First and foremost, my wonderful wife.  I couldn't be more proud and honored at the same time.  She supports me, she loves me and she has also dabbled in her own running journey.

Who couldn't ask for a more amazing group of people to run, train and party with.  I have officially been a pacer for three training teams.  I remember last year for #surfnsanta14, I showed up for the team picture and didn't know anyone.  This year, we have 160 new and old team members.  The difference from last year to this year is truly amazing.  I don't ever run alone anywhere.  Each and everyone of the team members I help pace each week is the best bling I could find.

I couldn't post anything without posting about #teamawesome.  Who is #teamawesome?  It's everybody.  It's the people always smiling, always cheering the last runner, and always being positive. It's who we are.  My mini-team is honestly the best people in the world.  They inspire me daily.

Last but not least.  #DEEZRUNNINGHOEZ

Did I tell you I was the only #hoez that didn't run the Seashore 50k.  Not only did my peeps run a total of SIX MARATHONS and countless half marathons, they all kicked ass Saturday at their first ultra.  Hats off #hoez.  But without these 4 blingtastic friends, I wouldn't be who I am as a runner.  My #hoez are so awesome that after running her first Ultra, Kim showed up in costume and volunteered at the J&A PR Bell and Chalkboard that evening at #surfnsanta15.  Who does that?  

That's why I love my bling.  My bling is way better than your bling because it involves people, friends, family, and life.  

I hope everyone else had a wonderful 2015 and I hope everyone also has a wonderful Christmas.


  1. Steve you are truly and amazing human being, I can not explain or express how much bling you and this whole training team gave me the day of harbor lights. I was always told I would never be or complete anything useful in life, I have a family of people now that I never thought I could have. Thank you for being who and what you are to yourself your wife, your beautiful daughter and so many of us, merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Always indebted to you

    1. Aww. Thanks for inspiring us too. You are amazing person too!

  2. Steve,
    You have also gained a bodyguard, lol. I can relate with your story. I think we all can one way or another. I think we have been told we couldn't do something or were not capable. I am one of those people. I am free of criticism now and live my life how I want to live it. It freeing. Love this group too.
    God bless my new friend and your beautiful family

    1. LOL> I know you will always protect me. And I shall you!

  3. Great story Steve! I love your bling! I guess my bling post was one of those.....yikes.

    1. No. Your bling is fantastic because you are a fantastic person. Sometimes I just want to show off all our team and friends.