Saturday, January 30, 2016

From 330 to 3:30

After my first marathon this fall I was kind of in shock. What do you do after you kill your first marathon?  Do you push harder or be content?  Some people would die for a 3:48.  Some people just dream of breaking 5 hours or 4 hours.  For a few weeks I didn't know what to do or say.  I remember when I ran my first half over a year ago and I was so happy for a 2:21.  I remember saying to myself, "if I run a marathon my goal is 5 hours".

Then I remember in April of last year I asked to run with these crazy marathoners who I just met.  We met up that Saturday and we ran 12 miles at 8:47 pace.  Amy and Kim laughed when we finished and saw our time.  I was shocked.  From that point forward I ran with this crew every weekend.  Then came my training for my first full.

Each week I kept getting stronger and stronger.  I remember my first 20 miler on vacation in South Carolina running an average pace of 8:45.  Then came my second 20 miler before my race I killed my run and had an average pace of 8:37.  But running with my friends kept making me stronger and stronger.  Sometimes when you run in a group the miles are shorter the temps or cooler or hotter and the time is shorter.  Not only was I lucky enough to find the J&A training team but I was also lucky to find a group of friends to grind with when the runs are tough.

Last Sunday, I had to do a long run by myself while all my teammates got their runs in on Saturday.  I was lucky enough to be able to run with one of my friends and teammates, Ashley.  Not only did I have a killer partner, she killed the run.  Even though it was a bit slower than my training pace, running with someone for 18 miles in cold and wind is way better than running by yourself.  You can't buy company on a run.  You can't buy good teammates or friends.

This morning I had my first 20 miler scheduled.  Not only did I kill it but I felt strong.  I felt like I could do a marathon right then.  My last 11 miles were averaged under 8 minutes.  In the back of my head I keep thinking what should be my next goal.  Should I go big or go home?  So today I decided I would announce my goal.  Sometimes you need to write it down.

So my goal is 3:30ish.

I said it.  There it is.  That is my ultimate goal.  And the reason this number is so important is because when I started my weightloss journey I weighed 330 pounds.

As with any race I will be content just finishing and feeling good.  And if I just squeak past my first marathon time I will be happy with that.  But I have a goal.  And I know I can do it.  I put in the work.  And if I have the perfect day, perfect run and everything works out then I will nail it.

So Bring it Shamrock.

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