Monday, February 10, 2014

Weight Loss

I started this post to vent about how I was feeling about my parent's divorce, my car accident, and my move to a far away land called North Carolina.  I never really wrote anything other then some very angry and very depressing complaints about how life is terrible, blah blah blah.

I always thought about my name for this site.  it hit me.  I should start using i as a platform to talk about the positives of my new life.  

Most of you know I met the love of my life, Lori and we got married in September 2012.  In September 2013 we found she was pregnant.  We were and are both really excited.  The other big moment in my life came when I promised myself that I would start being healthier after the summer.  This worked hand in hand because I didn't want to be that really fat dad who couldn't even play with their kids.  

In September I resigned up for Weight Watchers.  It is my 3rd attempt.  The first time worked well until I quit two months in.  The second, I think I paid for a month and never showed up again (Didn't help my mom told me my dad was cheating on her right before we were walking into a WW meeting).  This time I wasn't going to quit.  I am not going to lie and say I did this for my wife, my stepson, and shit.  I did this for me.  I decided to change my lifestyle for me.  I decided I don't like being out of breath doing simple tasks.  I did this for myself.  I want to be and do more things in my life than I could the way I was. 

I am not a real "lets celebrate kind of guy" but I have learned through the past 20 weeks of being on Weight Watchers that I do need to celebrate.  But I am pretty excited with the outcomes in my life.  First off, I am way more happy.  Second, my belt needs more loops on the smaller side.  Third, the spot on my bed doesn't look like a greased pig was laying there.  Fourth, I will be able to some of the things I always wanted to when i keep losing weight.

So, to catch up.  My goal is to write once a week.  Talk about my goals, my accomplishments, my obstacles.  Talk about life in general.  I also want to list my accomplishments on here so far.

  • over 40 lbs lost
  • received my 25 lb weight loss coin from WW
  • received my 10% weight loss coin from WW
These are awesome things.  Losing weight and eating healthier are not easier.  Thank god I have a great wife who helps me without me even knowing it until we talk about things like organizing the cabinets so only the healthier items are at eye view.  

Like I said.  This is a game.  This is my life.  I want to win.  I will win.  

Next accomplishment:  45 lbs weightless

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