Friday, February 28, 2014

Being active

It has been 5 years since i was in my accident.  Ever since I always am reminded of it in the winter when my left hip and knee tighten up because of the accident.  It has also been a very long time since I was able to do anything really physical because I was so obese.  Sometimes you just want to pretend it or just brush it under the table but I can remember basically since I graduated high school always lying about my weight.  When I was 270, I told people I weighed 220.  When I weighed 300, I told people I weighed 250.  You get the point.  Anyways.  When you are at your worst, you always sometimes believe your lies and denials of how bad off you are.  When I was in High School I loved to run when i was playing my two sports.  I thoroughly enjoyed being a husky guy that could run 9 miles or what ever else I did.  I remember as a kid and teenager, watching my dad train for marathons.  he an a lot with his buddies.  His best friend, Jeff, was one of him.  He died about ten years ago from Colon cancer.  I remember the last year he was alive, we ran a marathon relay.  I ran the middle part. It was 4.7 miles.  I remember as a kid, running the a race every year in Huntington Woods.  They had a ton of races.  They usually did a 2 mile, 3 mile, and a 4 mile race on consecutive weekends.  I always ran the one mile in a Halloween costume while my dad ran the longer ones.  I never really could do all the running my dad did.  Mostly because I was playing spots and then college happened and then getting fat happened.

I really missed running.  I enjoyed running.  It was calming.  Listening to relaxing music and figuring out life's hardest parts.  I remember trying to run in the past few years.  it was tough.  I couldn't really do it.  My legs would give way, my calves would cramp, I could barely breathe.  It was embarrassing.  I can't believe I got myself this bad that I couldn't breathe while jogging.  In high school I ran a 6:40 mile, which at 240 lbs is awesome.  I know skinny people who couldn't accomplish that.

Part of the reason I am losing weight is so I can compete again, challenge myself, play with my stepson outside without getting out of breathe.  or playing with my future daughter.  I want to be the role model for m daughter, i didn't want the reason she would become obese.  Both my wife and I have had obesity problems.  She has been there with me through this journey of weight loss.  The only problem is she is pregnant.  But she has been staying healthy with me by doing all the healthy habits I needed for our household.

Anyway.  One of my goals was to be able to play Lacrosse in an adult league somewhere around here (I still haven't found one but I will form one if I have to).

Until then, I need to challenge myself physically so I can keep losing weight.  One of my ways is working out.  But working out at he gym, on the treadmill, on elliptical is very boring.  I need to compete.  With myself or with other people.  So I decided to try go for a run last weekend.  I did it and ran 2.1 miles.  I ran it without stopping.  Without getting out of breathe.  It felt good (even though I was pretty sore the next two days).

I decided I needed to compete with myself.  So I decided that I am going to sign up for a race maybe more later.  But I ran twice last weekend and plan to run every weekend and stick to the gym during the week days.

When I finished on Saturday, I was in tears.  tears of joy.  I have always been a competitive person.  I was fortunate to be good at two sports and play in state championship games.  But last Saturday was a defining moment.  A moment that reminded me how much weight I have really loss.  I basically have lost 6 years o weight gain.  At least.  Could be longer.  I can't remember the time I was in the 280s.  Anyways.  it felt good.  it reminded why i am doing this.  It reminded me I am doing this for me.

So, if you want to join me.  Come out for Shamrock 8k in Virginia Beach on March 16.  I might be the last person to finish but I will finish.  I will enjoy it the whole way too.

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