Thursday, March 6, 2014


So this past week went well.  Lost 1.8.  Getting closer and closer to my next mark of 50 lbs.  i got an email from my old coworker.  She was like my office mom at my old job.  She took care of me when i needed it.  I probably would quit my job and moved back to Michigan if it wasn't for him.  Every time I get an email her first question is how my weightless is going.  She also asked for a picture.  LOL.  I don't take pictures of myself.  I remember Elyse, my WW coordinator, telling me I should take pictures of my journey.  I haven't done that at all.  i probably should of have.  Oh well.  I have enough normal pictures of me being fat that remind me of how I need to keep pushing.

i hink the picture that most annoys me is my wedding picture.  I was so obese then that my shirt barely fit me for the wedding.  I needed bobby pins to hold the shirt closed at the bottom.  I had to get my pants widened.  Now, the pants are so big I have to get them re-sized.  They are too long because I was so fat that they needed to be extra long i guess.  Now the waist is so big the length is way too long.  It makes me so mad because my suit was so awesome.  Our design and colors were so awesome.  Then there was me all plump barely fitting in my suit.

It does feel good that I need to get it downsized.  Hopefully one day Lori and I can get anniversary pictures with me in my downsized suit.  It makes you feel so good that you can look at your pictures and feel positive.
Exercise bit:
My foot has been hurting me since last week.  it has hurt really bad since my big run of 3.3 miles.  I think it was more from the shoes then the actually trying to do too much.  but it pisses me off.  I am scheduled to run the 8k Shamrock.  I also ordered new shoes that will hopefully be in by Saturday.  Hopefully by then I feel better to go running again.  My foot has been getting better each day but it does still bother me a little bit.  But I haven't tried yet in athletic shoes.  I will hit up the gym tonight to see.  I might need to wear my ankle supports so I don't roll my ankle which makes my foot hurt.  it sucks when you get motivated and you get hurt.  But i guess when you have year old gym shoes you will learn your lesson.  Especially with my big frame.  I will finish the 8k no matter what.  But I want to be healthy so i can compete and push myself.

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