Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So 4 weeks ago I thought about running the Shamrock 8k.  i thought it was doable.  I was able o un at least 2 miles.  One thing I didn't plan was injuries and illness.   I didn't expect to have to go to Florida this past weekend.  But life happens.

I did ru the last two days with a lot less pain than I have had before.  The new shoes are much more comfortable and this KT Tape is working well.  A little sore today but I should be fine.

Running is tough on a body.  But more importantly, your body is tough on you.  having 280 lbs on your knees, feet, and whatever else makes it very difficult.

But I will succeed.  I have no race time goal.  Just to finish.  Just to remind myself that nothing can prevent me from doing something other than myself.  No car hitting me, no family problem, no being fat, no injury.

As I reminded myself yesterday.  One foot in front of the other.

Here's a picture of my old shoes and my new.  My old ones were completely worn out.

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