Monday, April 21, 2014


So this weekend I had a great time running.  Saturday my stepson and I ran the #colormerad race at the Virginia Beach Athletic Complex.  It was a 5K and i was all off road.  First time running not on pavement in a long time.  But we ran really quick for me.  Finished it with my fastest pace ever.  Not anything unexpected because at the Shamrock 8K I ran about a minute average faster than my normal pace.  But this time I am more in shape then when I was for the 8K.  Feels good to run and not feel like a burden but instead is really enjoyable.  The weather sucked but we had fun.  My stepson got a great laugh at the college kids beer bonging during the race.

I might be going out on a limb here but I think I will put it down on paper (I think that makes it official).  I am going to run a half marathon at the end of the summer (I keep saying try but there's no trying really).  My body is so far holding up except for a few small aches and pains so I might as well put a goal in mind and push myself.  It has really helped me lose weight and I have enjoyed it.  Being a sports kid my whole life I like having a competition.

My wife keeps getting close and closer.  its really exciting to see her growing our child inside her.  I can't wait to meet my daughter.  I am so happy I have lost this weight so I can be a more active father and enjoy being the father I want to be.

On a healthy note:  Lost 2.6 lbs (two weeks since I was out of town last weekend).  I am still kicking ass and taking names.  Even with 3 baby showers and a birthday.  NO MORE CAKE PLEASE.

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