Monday, April 7, 2014


So this week I only lost .2.  Considering that it was a tough week at home due to our schedules and the baby shower being last week we didn't do too bad.  We had a bunch of unhealthy but yummy food for the shower. Then we didn't eat real well because of our work schedules, kid sports schedule and what not.

But I didn't gain and I did lose something.  I just have to keep in perspective that life does happen and schedules do change.  Its funny to think how bent out of shape I get when my schedule changes.

Today is my birthday.  I am going for a run after work.  It feels great to know on my birthday I can go for a run.  Feel healthy and feel like I can do the things I want to.  It feels good to know that I am making the changes.

Hopefully by my 34th birthday I can celebrate maintaining my goal weight.

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