Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Change

So one of the reasons I decided to start losing weight was that I knew I was miserable and I needed to change my lifestyle.  It's been since September that I have been on this new change.  Many ups and a few downs.  But overall it has been a great experience.  I didn't want to miserable when my daughter was born.  As I can now count down the days of my daughter's birth, I think about how glad I am that I started this journey.  I have more energy, feel better and overall I am much happier.

On May 8 my daughter will either be born or has already.  Either way I know I am much more ready to be a dad than ever before.  I am ready to lead a healthy lifestyle for my daughter.  My goal was to lose 50 lbs by her birth.  I have surpassed that.

Looking forward to meeting my daughter.

Hit another 5 lbs.  Down 55.

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