Monday, August 25, 2014

Half Marathon Training

A few months ago I was researching a training plan for my half marathon.  Thank god for J & A racing and their amazing races and websites.  For each big race, they have a training plan to follow to guide you.  I had a difficult time between choosing the beginner and intermediate. Since I was way ahead of the beginner due to my current running schedule at the time, I chose the intermediate.  Even though it was a bit more push on higher mileage runs, I wanted to make sure I was fully ready.  I also didn't want to back down on my running.   Since then I have ran my long runs on consecutive Sundays with an 8, 9, 10, 9, and 10 mile run.  Each time I run I keep getting faster.  I noticed the training schedule basically ramps up the mileage for two weeks and goes back down a mile or two o re-ramp up to the next longest distances.  I am scheduled for a 11 mile run followed by a 10, 11, 12 mile run before the big day.  I feel pretty good that I have done this much so far and I feel like I could probably run the Rock and Roll marathon in Virginia Beach this weekend.  I chose not to because A.  It's too damn hot to be running a half this early; B. My cousins and Aunt are running with me for the Crawling Crab; and C. I wanted to make sure i was prepared.

The last two weekends I have ran on general Booth to the Beach and ran on the boardwalk.  The boardwalk is a lot of fun to run during the summer because it's just so crazy.  It's very similar to running on it during a race because you have to dodge people all the time.  The last few weeks has been the East Coast Surfing Championship.  This Sunday it was packed.  Perfect waves for the competition.  Beautiful bodies playing volleyball and roaming the beaches even early in the morning.

I have been fighting some kind of foot injury.  During my long runs, I noticed a bone spur, sort of, sticking out and rubbing pretty good on the back outside of my foot.  I noticed last Monday after my long run that my foot was hurting.  It's crazy because i can put pressure on the ball of my foot and the front of my foot without it hurting and it doesn't really bother me too much when I run.  But it is sore when I wear my work shoes.  it feels like its more from putting pressure on the side of my foot.  I hope it's not broken o anything because my body has responded so good to the training.  I need to really keep an eye on it.  it does hurt when I try to cut on my left foot.  I need to do some research and figure out what it is.  No matter what, I will finish this race.  I have worked too damn hard not to.  I know I need to ice it everyday until it feels better.

Other then my running, Weight loss has been doing good.  I hit my 80 pound goal for the race.  So maybe I need to amp it to 90.  We shall see.

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