Friday, August 15, 2014


Some people know that I am a huge movie fan.  I have always been addicted to watching movies in the theater or at home.  Growing up my brother and I always had vivid imaginations.  If it wasn't building magical wolds with Legos, or watching cartoons, seeing Jurassic Park in the theater or what else, we also were thinking or imagining some magical place.  For my brother, books was always his thing.  I was way too active for reading a bunch of books until I got older (aka college).  But for me, I LOVED movies.  Some people might not know this but this blog was going to be for a short time a blog about movie reviews.  I am lucky enough my wife lets me sneak out sometimes to see one by myself (even with the our baby).  But watching movies was always something I purely enjoyed.  Even to this day, my brother and I talk about new movies and movies from our childhood.  One of our favorites we always joked about was, The wizard. But one movie in particular was one of both of our favorites.

It was Hook.  It was a sad week hearing about the death of Robin Williams.  I remember as a young kid watching re-runs of Mork and Mindy, Taxi, and Happy Days.  I loved Jumanji.  I mean who didn't.  I think my biggest hopes are that my daughter has the imagination that I had as a child.  It made things so wonderful and beautiful.  It also magically teaches you the good and bad in the world is different ways.  One thing I wish I had with Tim is that he had an imagination like I did.  His is more of just imagining baseball plays.  Which I love but we don't connect like m brother and I did. So anyways, back to Hook.

I remember when Hook came out.  It was amazing.  Steven Speilberg is a super genius and he did such a terrific job on this.  My brother's favorite composer, John Williams, was part of it too.  But the whole movie was just fantastic.  Robin Williams did such an amazing job being an adult version of Peter Pan.  Watching the movie, you just felt that could be you, all grown up, forgetting about the magical things in life.  Then you get whisked away to Neverland and you have to get your imagination back to save your kids.  I never wanted to be Peter Pan but I always wanted to be a lost boy.  I always wished Disney would of built a Neverland like the one in the movie so I could go visit and play just like you can pretend while watching the movie.  Hook is probabl one of my five most favorite movies.  It's one of the few movies I still own on DVD.  I also owned it on VHS.  I purchased it digitally this week so i can watch it with Avery when she is old enough.

Robin Williams was an amazing actor.  His imagination was something that the world couldn't even keep up with.  I can only imagine what it was like to be raised by him.  I can imagine some amazing couch tents, castle building, and other great adventures.  I will surely miss his incredible talent.  Thee will never be another Robin Williams nor will there ever be the talent that he was.  But we will always have his movies.  Hopefully, one day, I can show them to Avery and she can imagine a world just like mine except with her own funny ideas.  I can only hope that she laughs as hard as I did watching his jokes or is as amazed as I was as the moment Robin Williams flies into Neverland and how beautiful it looked on the television (I still purely enjoy the North Arrow in the water.  I am a planner and mapper by trade).  I hope that we someday have someone as amazing as he was to make Avery imagine and laugh.  because without those two things, we as humans wouldn't be so much fun.

So instead of thinking about how sad it is, I like to think about how amazing it is to be able to imagine with him how wonderful life is.  To the Peter Pans of the world, keep having an imagination. RUFIO!!!!

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