Sunday, May 31, 2015

Run For The Dream Half Marathon Recap #rftd2015

Man, what a weekend.  Sometimes I don't know how I got so lucky.  Earlier in the week, I got sick (in turn got my whole family sick) and I got dehydrated.  Not only was worried about my race, I was more worried about my family.  Thank god everyone got better and we could still go camping for part of the weekend.  Lori and I had planned to go camping the whole weekend.  It would of been the first true camping trips for Avery, Tim and Lori.  But we decided to rest up and just go up to Williamsburg on Saturday and camp one night.  It was super hot this weekend but it was still fun.

The KOA in Williamsburg was really nice and clean.  We got a shaded spot and that was a bonus.  I forgot how wonderful it is to sleep two adults on a full air mattress (said no one).  But we loved it.  We made Avery's first s'mores.  We even set up the pack-n-play in the tent and Avery slept wonderful.  I think I was the only one who didn't.  But that was more nerves.  They also had a ton of things for kids to do.  A great pool at that too.

We had dinner with one of my fellow #trainjanda teammates, Joanna and her husband, Derek.  We went to Sal's by Victors in Williamsburg.  I highly recommend it.  Dinner and company was awesome.  We also stopped at DoG Street Pub.  Great beer selection.  

The race itself was fun.  Great course.  Difficulty level is pretty high for average runners.  Flatout Events is a great running company.  They do a good job of representing on the Pennisula.  I would run that course anyday.  I knew it was going to be hilly but it isn't a great combination with the race being after Memorial Day in Hampton Roads.  I only had two issues: change it to early April and have a shaded after party.  It was way to hot for the race and way to hot to enjoy the after party with the sun beating down.  But having a race in Colonial Williamsburg is pretty fun.  It was great running and seeing all the runners I knew.  Great job Flatout Events!

Oh yeah, I PR'ed by 16 minutes.  I ran the half in 1:54.  I pushed really hard the past two months.  Did back to back mileage of 115 and 133.  I deserved this race.  But the best part was coming to the finish and seeing my awesome wife, my son and my daughter smiling at me, cheering me on.  They are the reason I have made the changes in my life.  They are the reason I want to be a better me.  So thanks babe.

Time for a break from big races.

I also want to say thanks to #teamawesome, #trainjanda and #deezrunninghoez for keeping me motivated.  I also want to thank #runningetc for being the best damn local running store.

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