Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The People In Your Life

Everybody always tells me that I am so lucky to have had my four grandparents my whole life.  And I was.  I was really lucky.  All four of my grandparents got to meet Avery and got to be at my wedding.  Last week my Grandma finally passed away after fighting a quick fight with cancer.  Instead of having a painful drawn out fight, my grandma passed away beautifully with my grandfather by her side.  I think there is no better way to go than to be next to the man you have been married to for 63 years.

Here is a little bit about my Grams and I.  I spent at minimum at least one week a year with my Pap and Grandma.  Sometimes multiple weeks, ranging from winter break to spring break to summer.  My Grandma would always take us grand kids somewhere cool like the Children's Museum or the Good Ship Lollipop.  I spent my best moments of my childhood running around my grandparent's backyard or at their summer place on the Allegheny River.  Outside my cousins who lived nearby, I spent the most with my grandparents.

My Grandma was also the one who took care of me when my Mom had breast cancer and was going through Chemo.  I remember fondly not wanting to leave my mom and go to school and jumping on top of my parent's station wagon so my Grandma couldn't drive off.

My Grandma was a sweet lady.  She was loving.  When Lori and I found out we were having a girl, we decided to give Avery her middle name after my Grandma.  I joked with Lori that we would just call her Lil' Betty.  My daughter is pretty lucky to have had such awesome great grandmas.

Last week was the first funeral that I have been to in a very long time.  I don't know if you call it luck or whatever but I was just fortunate.

If you want inspiration for love, last week was the moment.  Watching my Pap talk about my Grandma and watching him grieve is my inspiration.  63 years of marriage, 4 kids, 12 grand kids, and 8 great grand kids, Korean War, broken back, good times and bad times, and healthy and unhealthy days is what is my inspiration.  My Pap told me, you can never tell your wife enough how much you love her.  So, to keep my Grandma in my memory, I say this.

I love you Lori.  Thank you for being there during the worst of times and the best of times.  We have 60 more years of memories together.

And I will always miss you Grandma.

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