Monday, July 28, 2014

Amping up the distance

Man, Vacation felt so long ago.  I got home Saturday, it's Monday.  Vacation was great.  It didn't move too fast.  it was mostly relaxing and went by slowly which was great.  Vacation is never long enough though.  But it was a great week off of work and normal day to day stuff.  Now we are back to the grind.  Our family starts a new chapter this week as Lori goes back to work on Thursday.  She has had twelve weeks off spending it with Avery.  It will be a huge adjustment for us all as we will now being be both working full time with two kids.  Hopefully, her mom can handle taking care of Avery.

Yesterday I ran my longest run ever.  I an 8 miles.  It wasn't terrible.  I was running a new route that I don't know very well and missed my turn and went too far.  I had to have Lori pick me up 2 miles from home.  But I wasn't going to run too long.  I am going to stick to my running plan.  It is really intimidating.  I have 7 more long runs of 9 miles or more.  I's funny how when i ran my 7.2 mile long run, I felt amazing after.  Yesterday, I felt like I got beat up.  I think i's mostly because I was on vacation and I was very active.  I destroyed my activity points record for Weight Watchers.We walked everywhere and I did run my scheduled runs.  Which is good but it is also a lot to do while on vacation (It was basically my second highest weekly total of mileage EVER).  My legs seemed pretty tired this morning.  I need to make sure I stretch out good this evening.

The run itself went great other than the missed turn.  It really made me feel that this Half marathon dream can actually happen.  It's exciting to know my body can handle the mileage.  I don't want to sign up and fail.  I don't care what anybody else thinks but for myself, I want to do this.  Next Sunday I have a planned 9 mile run.  I am planning to run to our friends house and cannonball into their pool.  Their house is exactly 9 miles away.  I do have to cross the Pungo Ferry Bridge, which is the only steep incline in our area and is also sketchy because the speed limit is 55.  But anyways, I am excited for that run.  Should test my limits and help me reach my goals.

Right now I am sitting in my office dreaming of siting in he pool with my tube, my wife, and margarita.  I purely enjoyed flip flopping between the hot tub and pool last week.

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