Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Week

Man, this week flew by. After my brother left I had another busy week with everything going on.  The summer has been flying by. Weight Watchers has been going good.  I only lost 0.4 pounds this week but that it is okay.  I did have two days with family in town and it is still a loss.  I was hoping for a bigger loss but you can't be greedy.

Running wise, life has been good.  My shin splints seem to be staying at bay.  I did hurt my arch randomly at my desk this week.  So weird.  I got up and it felt like I tore my plantar fascia.  I used some KT Tape and it was better with some ice.  I was super dehydrated one day this week so maybe that was part of the problem. I did get a 6.6 mile run last weekend.  Felt good. It was the longest run of my training so far.  I also ran 7.2 miles this morning. It was a beautiful run.  I used my new amphipod water bottle thing.  It helped me.  I also got a running visor.  It was drenched when I got done.  Like completely soaked.  Thanks for Running Etc. for the visor (More on that later).  My legs were a bit tire at the end but that is expected when your running your longest run ever.  I did have a tender nipple from boogie boarding yesterday and getting sunburned.  It was my first bloody nipple from running (I have had one from boogie boarding).

nice view from my run this morning

I also became an Official Ambassador for Running Etc.  What does this mean?  Well for me, my goal is to run more races aka keep losing weight.  It also means I get to represent the best local running store in Hampton Roads when I do run.  I think I was probably twice the weight of every other ambassador but somebody does have to represent the Clydesdale Division at races, right?  Last night we had our kick-off meeting.  It was fun meeting everyone. I am definitely not the pro-typical running or am in the in crowd but I look forward to getting to know everyone better.

At home.  Everything is good. Lori has a few more weeks off and Avery keeps growing and learning.  Next week we have a vacation.  We also took Avery to the beach yesterday.  She enjoyed it.  We all did really.

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