Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation 2014

My expectations for my vacation were much higher than I should of had them for my diet.  I can't control everything.  Can't control everyone wanting to go get ice cream or have a drink. I also can't not enjoy myself.  Sorry for the double negative but it is what it is.  After a day I realized a few things. First off the weekly points are there for a reason.  Use them.  Especially on vacation.  Go get ice cream with your family.  If you can, find a healthier version or smaller portion.  Second, exercise.  Don't be lazy.  Go for a walk.  Don't change up your routine.  It's actually really enjoyable seeing the area you are vacationing in a different method.  Just enjoy yourself.  Don't make yourself excluded from the family.  Your routines should be assisting you anyways.  My daily habits are there.  It was the extra drink and ice cream with the family that made things out of normal.

My positives were this. I ran 17.5 miles.  I also earned 134 activity points.  More than I ever had.  Actually more than 36 than my max.  That's more than two days worth of points for me and I am a large man.  My training for my running went great.  ran a shorter long run but that is expected because it was part of my schedule.  But I actually ran more times than I expected. I was pretty happy with that.  Overall, I don't care how I weigh in the next week after I get back.  If I break even, so be it.  If I gain, so be it.  I was active and healthy.  I ate healthy foods and didn't break my system.  It helped that my wife supports me and we planned pretty well.  We scheduled good meals.  The only problems were my mom buying a bunch of junk for the condo.  Clearly I got really fat growing up.  No excuses though.

Anyways, I did go.  I have a scheduled run of 8 miles on Sunday.  I look forward to the new challenge.  Here's to the next 134 activity points I earn.  Wish I had another 7 days of vacation.

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