Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keep It Moving....

A Tribe Called Quest had it right, Keep It Moving to the KIM.

Well, I only lost 0.4 pounds this week but its okay. It's still a lost and I do need to cut some things from my diet.  I weighed in extra early Saturday morning because we had to get on the road to head down to Myrtle Beach.  We packed up the baby, two teenagers, and two grandmas.  We are heading to our timeshare at the Sheraton Plantation. Its a perfect place for us with the kids and the baby.  We got in at 4 and just hung out at the resort.

Sunday I went for a run.  I did my long run for the day.  Nice thing about our resort is that it is right on the East Coast Greenway in Myrtle Beach.  Not a bad run.  I did it early so the humidity wasn't bad.  It was still in the 70s but good for the South.  I am so thankful for my new water belt.  I ran 6 miles.  I almost got hit crossing one road.  That was a first since I never have any major roads to cross by my house. I ran past the Margaritaville which motivated me even more because I love ritas.  I also ran past these woods with a bunch of goat paths from bums living in the woods. Was a bit creepy and sad.

We also headed to the pool. Our hotel has a lazy river, bar, and all kinds of things.  Got to go now since the grandmas are about to watch Avery.

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