Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Rivers Water Trail, 12 mile run, family, and everything in between

What a weekend.  Sometimes you plan a trip and you can't wait for it.  This was one of them.  Since my grandparents decided to move back to their hometown, Lori and I knew we needed to visit them this fall so they could meet their newest great grand kid.  Anybody that knows me knows that my Pap is my idol.  Him and my dad are the two most influential people in my life.  So we decided to pack up and drive to Pittsburgh, spend time with my cousins and grandparents, and give my wife and Tim a tour of where I spent most my summers.  So much went on this weekend so I will go from the boring parts to the amazing parts.


I had my last weekend of training for my half this weekend.  It was pretty stressful to figure out where I was going to get 12 miles in a place I am not familiar with for running.  I do know Pittsburgh is very hilly.  So i kept Google-ing places to run.  My cousin recommended me run nearby his place on an extended shoulder.  I said, "hell no".  I found a rail-to-trail in Pittsburgh.  I was a little nervous because I didn't know the area real well but it was somewhat flat (on the river bank).  So I went with it.  I wrote down my start point, the bridges I was crossing, and key places so Lori knew where I was.  I got there right as the sun came up.  It was beautiful looking at the city skyline as the sun came it.  The course i went was amazing.  If you are ever in Pittsburgh and want to go for a bike ride or a run.  Check out the 3 Rivers Trail.  It was fantastic.  It even had a pedestrian bridge across the Monongahela (which as a pedestrian planner makes me smile.  It can be done folks).  I got my 12 mile run in and it was awesome.  It was a bit hillier then I am use to but I lived.  My calves are mad at me but I am fine.  Well worth the 20 minute drive.  It was a great way to see Pittsburgh too.  Completely different than driving.  It is one of my favorite cities too.

The Rest

The weekend was so much fun.  I got to see my brother +Scott Lambert, my mom +Debbie Lambert , my cousins and grandparents.  I am so thankful for my amazing family and that my grandparents got to meet Avery.  I got to show +Lori Lambert  and Tim where my grandparents use to live, where my Pap grew up and where I spent a ton of time in my childhood.  Even though it was only 3 days it was well worth it.  Just having my brother come in too from Pittsburgh was great.  I actually got to see him Twice in the past few months.  Avery had a blast spending time with her extended family.  I sometimes get jealous because to visit all of Lori's family, I just have to walk next door.  For mine, we have to drive 8 hours.  Anyways.  Great weekend.  Amazing family.  

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