Friday, October 3, 2014

Clothes Shopping During the Change

It has been over a year since I started this weight loss journey.  I didn't really think i would do this good.  I am so happy I have.  With the change, there are a lot of obstacles people losing weight have.  People don't often talk about as an obstacle and a lot of guys really don't talk about.  But the biggest obstacle I have seen for myself is shopping.  During the summer at home, I don't really wear anything fancy.  I wear my everyday t-shirts, sports shorts and flip flops mostly.  I have been so heavy for so long that I forgot to listen to my instructor at weight watchers and actually buy some clothes during the process.  Instead, outside of work, I wore baggy shirts and shorts.  Most my t-shirts are XXXL and are way too big.  Even XXL have been to big.  At work, I have been accumulating a few new polos during the summer thanks to my wife +Lori Lambert .  I have such a huge selection of work clothes that I didn't want to admit that all my clothes was too big.  My dress pants were all 46 waist and were cinched at the front and were super super baggy.  I just dealt with it and pretended it didn't look too bad.  Even though it did.  My sports coats got so big that they fell off my shoulders at least two inches and the chest was crisscrossing.  Working in a business environment didn't make it better.  I have to always be prepared to be pulled into a meeting and have a sports coat.  All mine were way too big.  On top of that, my favorite suit and my wedding suit were both too big to even get tailored.

I went to the tailor shop this week and she basically told me it isn't worth it and its better to spend my money on new stuff.  So, fifteen pairs of really nice dress pants, three sports coats and two suits (one Ralph Lauren) are all unusable (this doesn't include about a half a dozen dress shirts and probably many more I am going to have to throw out too).  All of these were from Men's Warehouse and Dillards.  I am both happy and sad.  Sad that I got this fat that I can't even wear them now and happy that they are way too big.  I have had mixed feelings about this.  I know, Boo Hoo.  Well, to me, they all mean things to me.  My Ralph Lauren suit was the last gift from my parents for my graduation from my Master's degree.  It's funny because that suit was only purchased because my previous suit didn't fit me because I became to fat then.The other suit was my wedding suit.  it wasn't anything fancy or high price but it was the suit I wore on my wedding day.  I always wanted to use it for special occasions.  Hopefully, I can buy a new one at Kohl's with my new sizes.  As you lose weight, you have to grasp on to the fact that things are changing.  You are changing.  And it is all for the positive.  I was so embarrassed that my work clothes got so big on me.  I was embarrassed at work.  I was also stressed about money.

Last night, I went to the mall with my wife.  I purchased two sports coats, two dress pants and three dress shirts.  I have a bunch of dress shirts that fit from before.  Just have to go through them all and confirm.  I also bought a 38 waist belt.  I know, in the 30s.  lol.  My pant sizes went from 46 to 38 and my sports coat size went from 56 to 48.  I could fit in a 46 but it was too tight around my shoulders.  I was really nervous wearing my new dress pants to work today.  It has been a long time I haven't worn form fitting dress pants.  But I did it.  Even though I am not at my final weight, I know I need to buy new clothes.  I really can't remember when I last wore size 38 waist pants.

I think I am more stressed about this is because I am worried that i am going to fall back into my old weight and won't be able to fit in any of these clothes I just bought.  I don't like wasting money and don't want to fail.  I want to stay healthy the rest of my life.

It's like I am back out of college.  Starting my wardrobe with two dress pants, two sports coats, and ten days of different dress shirts.

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