Friday, October 10, 2014

Self Assessment: The Before and The During

This week has gone on so long. Haven't run.  I took this week of to reflect and rest.  the only thing that is sore on me is my left arch.  But it isn't anything to complain about.  But the time I have had to occupy my mind is killing me.  But it has also been a good thing.  I have been able to reflect on my life, my journey, my family and how I want my future to be.

I was thinking this morning how six years ago, when I got in my accident, I never even imagined that I would be where I am at.  I never thought I would be healthy enough to even exercise let alone run a half marathon.  Never thought I would be Virginia Beach with two kids and an awesome wife, an awesome house and awesome family.  I never thought I would be 90 pounds lighter then my biggest.  At one point, I thought I was going to die from obesity.

Five years ago, I would of never thought I would be where I am at personally.  I have so much to be thankful for.  My mom is moving down here because she got a job.  My life and family isn't what it used to be but it is better.  I have more people who care about me now and I have the important people in my life.  It is also great because my mom will be able to be close to one of her kids and enjoy being a grandparent.

What do you do after you finish your goal race?  A huge race?  How do you respond?  I took this week off from running to let my body heal.  It needed it.  it hasn't been pushed like that since high school.  But my mind enjoyed it.  My mind needs a competition.  It needs something to starve it, push it to its limits.

So as I scale back my thoughts, I just need to remind myself that I am stick working towards my broader goals.  My lifetime weight loss, a marathon, push my body and mind further.  That's my next steps.

Tomorrow is chapter 2 of my running journey.  Have one year to hit my goal race.

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