Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Male Bloggers

I didn't know what to write about today so i decided to write about how there are not enough male bloggers out there.  As I have lost all this weight, I keep trying to find more men out there talking about their journey.  I have only found a few.  I think it is funny because if I had boobs, I probably would have hundreds of followers.  Instead I have none.  Only a few people who read my posts when I put them on Facebook or Google Plus.  I think it is disappointing that there is this double standard that men can't talk about weight loss and exercise like women can.  I also works in the Weight Watchers world.  Every time a new guy shows up at our meetings, the few guys get excited, we introduce ourselves and welcome them to the club.  I can tell you this.  My Saturday morning meeting has two consistent guys.  The other is a lifetime member.  We do have one other guy in the earlier meeting.  Other than that, it is a bunch of women.  Part of it is I think men don't think they should do Weight Watchers and some don't want to talk about their journey.  Instead, the only time you read about men and weight loss is either on Biggest Loser or some famous dude getting some sort of stomach surgery.  Nobody ever wants to talk about the guy who loses a hundred pounds by eating right and working out.  Women don't want to hear it because some get jealous.  Men don't want to hear it because the world is so gendered that men can be fat and sexy but women can't.

It saddens me that i am out here as a lonely voice.  More men should be going to Weight Watchers.  More men should me talking about the struggles with weight loss.  Instead, I am basically writing this as a journal for myself.  I am fine with that.  Because I am happy where I am at and where I want to be.  I read another bloggers response to a mean email from a follower.  It saddens me that people think it's wrong for a beautiful woman who has worked her ass off to get to the point she is at that she finally tells everyone her weight and how she is competing in a body bikini contest.  The woman works her ass off.  She has gone from an over weight mother of two to a rock hard woman.  It's awesome.  Just like myself, I went from being so fat i couldn't run a mile to being able to run a half marathon.  But because I don't have boobs, nobody follows me.

Again, I am fine with that.  I know that at least a few people read my blog and if they do, i hope it helps them or motivates them.  Because these other people motivate me.

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