Saturday, January 3, 2015

What A Year Will Do

It has been a very busy past month.  It feels like last week when I left for Pennsylvania to go hunting.  Since then our family has been very busy.  But the holidays are long and gone and now it is time for the "tax season" of New Year Resolutions.  As an avid user and attendee of Weight Watchers now and a 2nd year runner, I know this is the time when everybody gets up and decides to make a new year's goal.  I jokingly told my wife that mine was to stay married.  She didn't think it was that funny.  I didn't really have a New Year's Resolution Per Say thing year but I did sign up for the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October.  I only did it on New Years Day because it was half off.  I decided before I finished my half that if my body liked me, I would run the Free Press as my first Marathon.  It is my hometown and my dad ran it.  Where else could I run in Canada, an international bridge, international tunnel, Comerica Park (Home of the Detroit Tigers), Ford Field (Home of the Detroit Lions), Belle Isle Park and many other great places.

But this wasn't my New Year's Resolution.  Instead I wanted to talk about how happy I am right now.  Looking back at 2014 is just amazing.  Some great things have happened.  The first and foremost is my lovely daughter, Avery, who was born on May 8.  She has brightened up our house and has reminded me why I am so thankful I married my wife and I decided to make a lifestyle change.

2014 was the first year in my life where I decided to be healthy.  During the year, I went from 287 pounds to 219 pounds.  A lost of 68 pounds.  Since I started, I have lost over 110 pounds.  It is crazy to think I went from this to where I am at.

In 2015, I am not only a healthier person but also a happier person.  Its excited to see the changes.  One of the biggest changes is jumping in the deep in and helping the J & A Shamrock Training Team.  Which has been a ton of fun so far on Saturdays.  It is exciting to see all the people coming out to run and enjoy each others energy.  It feels great to be a Pacer.   Not only do I have someone to run with, I also have someone to listen to me talk.

It is only 3 days into this year and I am really excited for the rest.  I can't wait for the journey.

Happy New Year.

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