Monday, June 15, 2015

CHKD 8k Run for the Kids 2015 Recap

So this is only the second race I have done two years in a row.   Last year, it was my second race and it was truly the race that really motivated me to run more.  In 2014, I ran the Shamrock 8k and I wasn't really addicted to running yet.  But the CHKD did it for me last year.  I didn't even know anyone at the race but I loved it.  Last year, I ran it in 56 minutes.  Which I was so excited because it was a big chunk off my last 8k at Shamrock.

The event is for a great cause.  It is for Children's Hospital for the Kings Daughter.  This year I was excited because this was the first race Lori was running with me (she says she's not a runner).  I helped Lori train pretty good.  She got a four mile run the week before which was more I got before an 8k last year.  She was nervous.  I was too for her.  It was dreadfully hot and humid.  By the time she finished it was 90 degrees out. At the start, I kissed her and wished her luck.  I was going for a PR and she was going to run her own pace.
I will say this, it was the second hottest race I have ever ran.  The #rftd2015 half marathon was as hot but I had to run a half. So that sucked.  Lol.


So, my longest run I have run at full tilt has been a 5k.  I knew I could push myself for this race but it was really hot and I didn't know if I could do it.  I ran the 5k at a 7:30 pace and I knew it was in me.  I kept pouring one cup of water on my head and sipped one at each water stop.  I was pretty stoked with my finish.  I finished in 37:56.  Which is a 7:29 pace.  I destroyed my last PR in the 8k at about 8 or 9 minutes.  Couldn't be anymore happy.

I found Tim and Avery, drank a bottle and took Avery to catch up with Lori.  I ran about a mile back and found Lori around mile 4.  She was overheated but was doing really good.  At that point, she had run farther than she ever has it.  I dumped a bottle of water on her head and she felt better.  Avery and I kept her on pace and she finished.  She was super excited.  She was exhausted but happy.  She really did good.  At one moment, she hugged me and cried and told me she never imagined she could accomplish running an 8k.

She had become a runner.  She loved it.  She felt so good about herself and she was excited to run the next day.  On Saturday, just like it was for Shamrock was the best moment you could have.  Helping and watching some finish a race and feeling the pride of accomplishment.  But this time it was my wife.  Which I couldn't of been prouder.

Running isn't just about yourself.  It's about the community, families, kids and accomplishments.  Running gives you a feeling most can't understand.

So, Lori, what's your next race?

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