Friday, June 26, 2015

How To Lose 130 Pounds

Last week I finally hit my goal weight.  This morning as I was driving to work I was thinking about how much I wanted to take a bike ride last night with my wife and it reminded me of a business trip to Ocracoke Island I had a few years back.  I was hosting peers for a two day trip and I hade to guide people on a bike tour.  Even though I owned a really nice bike, I decided to rent a scooter to give the tour because, well, I was really fat.  I played it off like, "oh, this is awesome".  But realistically it was because I was so fat I didn't want to be embarrassed of being out of breathe riding a bike.  So, as I was thinking, I really needed to jot down my thoughts about losing weight.  Here is my disclaimer: these are my thoughts, I haven't even had to start maintaining my weight and yes, I am just me (my body is different than yours).

So here is my key points of losing weight.


It really isn't.  It is a lifestyle change.  It takes work, it takes time, and it will is for the rest of your life.  You can't just lose weight and decide I can eat like I used to. Now some people do try some new fad or gimmick or stuff that even works.  I did not.  I used Weight Watchers and it worked for me.  it might not for you (So don't sweat it, try something else).  I use Weight Watchers because it simplifies your habits by making a useful app for your phone to add what you eat and it calculates what you should eat based off your age, height, weight, and gender.  Obesity is an addiction just like alcohol, caffeine, or any other type of drugs.  Just because it is legal doesn't mean it is healthy.


This follows the first rule.  You don't have to eat all vegetables, shakes, microwavable foods or whatever myth people tell you.  It is about portion control and being honest.  I still eat pizza, ice cream, and cookies.  I just limit how much of all that stuff I do.  I tend to have one bad day every week.  With Weight Watchers, you have extra weekly points that you can use if you go over board.  You need to enjoy yourself.  I tell the story about last summer when I was on vacation with my family and I not only used all my weekly points but I also used my activity points.  Almost every night we went out for ice cream.  I didn't care because I was healthy about my other choices and well, I did rule #3 (see below).  Starving yourself or eating incorrectly will do two things.  It will make you miserable and also stop your body from functioning correctly.  If you eat the right things, your body will work correctly.  If you enjoy it, you will keep it up.


Here is the one people forget.  Humans were not designed to be sitters.  We were designed to be nomads, hunters and gatherers.  Our bodies have a large amount of muscle and it needs to be used.  The more muscle, the less fat, and the more your body burns food.  Think of your body as a car.  take care of it, use it.  I only started running because the Elliptical was not enough for me at the gym.  But not only do you need to work out, you need to be more active.  I walk twice a day during work.  I spend 15 minutes each time.

Eat better and work out and your body will like you.  I also recommend buying an activity tracker like a fitbit, gps or whatever.  I actually use the Activity Link through Weight Watchers because it gives me points I can eat for being active.

I exercise so I can eat.  lately, my wife and I bought bikes and have been biking.  Last weekend we biked 7 miles to go get ice cream.  It was worth it.  Make it fun.  Do it with people.  But start slowly.  Even if you can barely move, just start with little things.


This is a big one.  Don't do this for the kids or your wife.  Do it for yourself.  yes, they can be your motivation.  But you have to want to be healthier.  You are the one who has to do it.


Very simple.  Keep positive people around you.  People will complain, bitch and do whatever else they want when they see your habits change.  Who cares.  If you are healthy and happy than be that way.  Don't let anyone let you down.  I can't tell you how many people have asked me, "how much more are you going to lose?".  I don't know.  It also helps having positive people around because it makes it easier to transition to healthier lifestyles and eating habits.  My wife and I have altered our meals but it was all gradual.  But we love it.  She has supported me the whole time and it has helped us both.


You can not compare with anyone else.  Everybody has a different body make up, age, gender, etc.  You are only working with yourself.

I am probably going to add things to the list but I think these are the most important.  A lot of this stuff is things people do tell you.  I don't have the perfect answer or tips for this but these are my thoughts.  And as I move forward, I am going to keep writing this stuff down because it is a reminder.  Good luck out there people.

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