Friday, June 19, 2015

Goal Weight Achieved

I don't even know what to say really.  When you first start Weight Watchers, you pick small battles like 1st 5 lbs, or 10%, or your 1st 25 lbs.  I remember my first goal was under 300.  It had been so long since I had been under 300 pounds that I was just excited to get there before New Years Eve 2014.  Then I hit 50 pounds (I was pretty excited).  Then I lost 75 pounds.  Then the biggest number I hit was 230 pounds which was a 100 pound weight loss.  That is a lot of weight to lose.  It wasn't easy.  My doctor even wrote me a note so I could get Goal Weight at 230 but when i literally weighed in I was 4 pounds too low.  So I had to reboot.

I picked 200 pounds.  I haven't been under that weight since middle school.  Those 30 pounds were the toughest.  I had more weight gains (I haven't had many) then I did the rest of my journey.  I haven't been going to meetings as frequent because they are the same time I run in the morning on Saturdays and their schedules are not really conducive with a working husband (most their meetings are during the weekday and not even early morning or late evening).  I would probably weigh in every 3 weeks.  I would start to stress during the second week when I didn't know where I was.  But.....

Today, I weighed in before work.  I finally hit it.  I weighed in at 198.  I hit my Goal Weight and begin to start the maintaining process.  I am pretty much scared because I have to add points to my daily system so I don't lose too much.  But I am also super excited.  Seeing that "1" on the scale was awesome.  I will hopefully be able to embrace my victory tomorrow morning with my old group.  I haven't made a meeting in a long time but it's only because I am much more active in my life.  I miss going to meetings but I have to pick my battles.

I never thought I would weigh less than 200 pounds.  It wasn't easy.  I had family deaths, family drama, holidays, partial separation, and everything else thrown at me.  But the reality is this:  I am and never was on a "diet"  I changed my lifestyle.  I changed my life.  Lori and I even bought bikes and a baby trailer for Avery.  We biked six miles to get ice cream last week.  Every Sunday we go to the Oceanfront to run and get coffee together.  We love it.

As Ice Cube would say, "Today was a good day".  

I couldn't of done this without great friends and a wonderful wife.  She has had her own weight loss journey and knows what it takes.  

I don't really know what my next plan of action is.  I do know I am going to keep running and keep doing what I am doing.

Here is my weight loss graph.  I have been consistent but I have had some bumps in the road.


  1. Holy smokes! A HUGE CONGRATS to you for hitting your goal! Losing that much weight takes so much time, dedication, and sacrifice, but you did it. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope you'll submit a before and after pic for Motivational Monday? You deserve some serious celebration! :)

    1. Thanks. I would love to. Where do I send it to?