Monday, June 9, 2014

Down 61.8 pounds

This week I kicked ass.  I weighed in and lost 3 pounds.  I stuck to my points and didn't use any of my weekly points or activity points.  I did earn 87 activity points last week which is my best yet.  I ran a bunch training for my 8k this weekend.  I hit my 60 pound mark plus a few.  Felt good because I was so disappointed with last week.

Doing this is not easy.  Nobody every said it was.  But it is a lot of fun to challenge yourself and push yourself to be a better person.  Is much like AA, it's a lot of work.  But I was really proud of my work last week.  I hit my next 5 and a few more.  Plus I know I am going to good this week.  It was pretty simple with my wife assisting me with making great meals.  

I did sneak in one pack of peanut M&M's but it was within my points.  

Speaking of points, last night I had 9 points left.  Lori and I just started getting Oberweis Dairy delivery.  We got a really good deal and it is the same price as our regular milk we buy in the store.  Thank god we have farmer friends who hooked it up.  Anyways......  Lori bought two half gallons of ice cream.  One Mint chocolate and the other low fat vanilla.  I portioned out my 9 points worth of ice cream.  It was really depressing.  It was really small.  but the ice cream was so good.  Lori also bought non fat greek yogurt from them.  It was really good.  It was 3 WW points but it was much thicker and creamier then Chobani.  Plus there was much more fruit than before.  

Running.....So I ran 4 miles Friday.  Felt great.  Was pretty sore Saturday but that's okay.  Calves didn't hurt too bad.  I am looking forward to my 8k this weekend.  I hope I can keep bumping up my mileage so i can finish out my long term goal for the summer.

I can't believe I am almost at 20% body weight loss.  I will probably hit that next meeting.  I hope to hit 75 pounds by the end of the summer.  I should if I keep running.  I really want my new token plus I will be one step closer to my goal.  By original thought was 80 pounds but I might make it 100.  I don't know.  We will see.

Also, my daughter Avery turned one month old Sunday.  It has flown by so quick.  Its probably the best coolest thing doing.  Watching a newborn learn each and everyday how to do things is incredible.  I wish I could of been there for Tim at this stage.

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