Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip 1.0

This was the first official road trip with the baby. Not the easiest of tasks but still was fun and pretty smooth. The 7 hours of rain was terrible for driving on the way down. Avery was a trooper and we really couldn't complain. She slept the way there but was smiling the whole way back. It is always fun to go to Aiken, South Carolina.  We went to celebrate my grandma's birthday.

But the weekend was awesome.  I got to see some family that I haven't really seen in a very long time plus my daughter got to meet her Great Grandparents.

Friday night I didn't really sleep real well. I guess I had some nerves about seeing my dad's family. Without him or my brother or mom with me I was pretty nervous.  I don't know why.  I had my wonderful wife and kids for support plus my extended family understands me and knows the reality of the past with my dad. I was pretty exhausted from driving the whole time.  The only bad part with the kid is Lori had to sit in the back and teenagers don't really talk to the driver.  I tossed and turned. I took a shower at 2 A.M. and I ate breakfast at 3 A.M.  I finally got some rest 3:30 to wake up to the alarm at 5: 45 to get ready to go running.  
My Aunt Nancy is a runner.  Well, her whole darn family is.  I tower over all of them and I probably weigh as much as my two cousins and my aunt and uncle combine.  No worries.  I emailed my aunt earlier in the week to see where I could get a good flat 5.5 mile run in.  She said, what pace,how far, and told me she would pick me up. I was pretty nervous.  I haven't actually run with anyone yet and I like to be proven before I show off.  But I went with it.  We met one of her friends she trained in her Coach to 5k class.  She was fun.  It was nice running with people and having great conversation.  Wasn't use to it.  Anyways,  I got my longest run since I was 22 and even then I wasn't trying.  It felt awesome.  I didn't get tired or winded and was really proud we averaged 11:30 minute miles.  I ran a total of 6.11 miles.  It was great running with family.  Not bad on 2 hours of sleep.

After my run my family met us to get coffee and breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company.  Then Tim and I headed to my grandparents house to help cleanup and just overall try to make their house cleaner and nicer.  It's tough for them at their age to do that.  It was great spending time with my cousins.  Tim had a blast just working and doing random chores.  

My grandma's birthday party was blast.  It was really nice catching up with most my relatives.  Especially the ones I grew up in Michigan.  I don't really get to see a lot of my cousins often or my Aunts and Uncles.  It was really great spending time with my Grandparents.  I am pretty fortunate to have all my grandparents when I am 33 years old. It was also funny to see how everyone has changed or not changed in the past 5 years.  After we had dinner at my Aunt Nancy's and Uncle Dan's house.  It was fun seeing 25 family members shoved into a house. Especially with almost 10 young kids around.  

Sunday, we stopped and got coffee and hit the road to my cousin Dylan's in Columbia, SC.  We moved across country just like me and has really grown in the past few years.  He always asked me how I did it when I moved and his situation was really different.  He had a huge support system.  Instead, he has a wonderful girl friend that has helped him be far away by visiting.  It was awesome to have Avery meet my cousin.  She will love him when she gets old enough to run around with him.  Dylan cooked us an awesome lunch then we hit the road home.  

Drive home wasn't bad.  I wish I did have more time to spend with my family but so glad I got to spend sometime.  It was really great for Lori, Tim and Avery to get to know my dad's side of the family a little bit more.

Long weekend well worth it. 

Not only did I have a great weekend, good work out Saturday, I also earned 31 activity points on Saturday. New record!!!!

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